The basics of music theory, including sections on the musical alphabet, the grand staff, and other clefs that are important to understand.

Scales and keys, with sections covering key signatures, major scales, minor scales, scale degrees and intervals, and the seven scale modes.

Everything you need to know about chords, Major, minor, diminished, augmented, suspended, 7th, chord alterations, extensions, inversions, progressions, cadences, and chord symbols.

Harmony and beyond. Building triads from scales, deriving scales from chords, diatonic chord substitution, secondary dominants, augmented 6th chords, good chord voicings, and modulations.

This section covers three categories of forms: basic forms, classical forms, and blues forms.

Advance with caution. This section covers highly-advanced topics in music theory including tri-tone substitution, modal interchange, advanced voicings, extended harmonies, passing chords, comping patterns, jazz scales, jazz progressions, and improv techniques.